Just wondering whether anyone has shopped from Studio using their credit facilities without any issues. Prices look good but am a bit concerned that my order won’t arrive or there will be problems paying them


  • Try and pay in full if possible as interest rates are high, never had a problem paying them usually online or by phone, not sure about delivery at this time for obvious reasons but again usually ok
  • poor_cinderspoor_cinders Forumite
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    I've never had a problem with them

    light bulb day 1st march 2006 :A :A :A :A :A
  • reliabilityreliability Forumite
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    I have.
    They have a bit of a reputation for taking your order but not telling you they don't actually have any stock.
    Trustpilot rates them 4.9/5 - but remember that Trustpilot lets companies remove reviews for quite a number of reasons. are a real contender to Trustpilot because they appear more honest & out of 460+ reviews there they get 1.67/5.
    From my experience & that of family I know which I think is the most accurate & its not Trustpilot.
  • life_love_annalife_love_anna Forumite
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    I've never had any issues with them, always paying the full amount each statement before any interest is added. Managed to get some great blackout curtains for our new house at a fraction of the price I'd seen on the high street (pre-lockdown)
  • yorkiechickyorkiechick Forumite
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    I've recently done my first order with them, delivery took a little while but understandable during the current situation. No issues setting up the account and now waiting for my first statement
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