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I am currently a Support Worker during Covid 19.   We are currently not being furloughed and our employers are keeping us on, only with essential services which is a few hours each day out in the community.   In between that we have been advised that we’ve to work from home doing care plans, paperwork, and e-learning.  Plus other duties like calling customers.  

Now our company are saying we OWE hours, even though we are doing all these tasks and covering essential supports.   I’m looking for some advice on this, as I’m a contracted employee so shouldn’t owe anything.  As these wages will be paid every week.  When everything goes back to normal can they make you do lots of overtime to claim these hours back? This is all so unclear.   And I have a family to think of.   I get that the company doesn’t have as much money coming in, so struggling to pay employees but what I don’t get is why they haven’t furloughed employees but instead they are saying we will just owe them.  As in a normal working week I don’t want to be doing overtime if I’m not getting the overtime rate, as I’m a full time employee so anything extra I do can make my week very long.  Advice would be appreciated.  


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