Bankruptcy and PPI

Where my failings on credit cards formed a major part of my historical bankruptcy- and whicjh would have been evident from the list of defaults provided -whilst i understand and accept any PPI refund goes to the OR and not me-does anyone know if the OR automatically  (and has the authority to do so )  a) will have made PPI claims
                                                                                                                                                                                                           b) will not have bothered making PPI claims 
                                                                                                                                   c) may make discretionary  PPI claims depending on how they got out of bed that morning .

The point being that if they were to make successful claims (most of my cards had PPI ) they would have been in a stronger position to make a larger redress to my creditors (slight irony that a successful PPI claim would largely  go back to the credit card company ).
I imagine the OR has a ( 'legal' ? ) obligation  to maximise recovery from my 'estate' to maximise payments to creditors , so i am interested as above , if they automatically will have  ferreted around to make PPI claims   ,or they  simply do not bother  .

nothing in it for me and historic  ,excepting i am genuinely interested in their procedure on this


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