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Should NHS workers pay income tax?

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Should NHS workers pay income tax?

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Should NHS workers and care home workers pay income tax this year?
They are all working in dangerous and life threatening conditions. 
So why should they be paying income tax? 


  • SocajamSocajam Forumite
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    Of course they should be paying income tax
    What should happen is for them to be given a decent pay raise - nothing less than 10% - 15% because they deserves it.
    Also all those foreign health care workers (and their spouses/children)  should be given automatic citizenship - FREE of charge.
    Yes, I can hear all of your asking where will the money come from?   It should come from this:

    "In 2019, the public sector expenditure on defense in the United Kingdom was 40.2 billion British pounds, a 1.5 billion increase from 2017/18. Compared with 2000/01 when the UK spent approximately 25.7 billion pounds, there has been a net increase of 14.5 billion pounds".

    15 - 20% of this should be used to invest into the NHS (nothing less than this).  Why are we investing so much money into war, whilst the health, education and housing of our citizens are being neglected?  Whilst we are at it, pay the teachers a decent salary as well.
    We should be preparing for the future through instead of investing in war machines for the sole purpose of killing.

  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    NHS workers a large % of the UK workforce .No pay tax then Mr OP you are going to pay a lot extra .
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    SilvertabbySilvertabby Forumite
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    We are not investing in war - we are investing in our defence. 
  • Lynnie789Lynnie789 Forumite
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    Most Care home staff are having pay cuts. Hours cut due to losing residents to covid
  • Boa21Boa21 Forumite
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    Of course they should, but also of course they should have reasonable salaries and pay rises. Apparently 4 or 5 years of pay freeze was a price worth paying for austerity, doesn't seem so fair now does it?

    All care workers should be paid appropriately, not 'off the clock' when travelling between clients for home care for example. Migrant NHS/Care workers shouldn't have to pay the NHS precept, visa fees should be abolished. The NHS pays a lot of this anyway as in my experience most doctors at least get these fees reimbursed by their hospitals.

    There have always been some risks in healthcare, I scrubbed for the first 'AIDS' patient operation at a major London teaching hospital in the early 80's. We were terrified as no one then knew much about the new disease or how it was spread. BUT, I had plenty of PPE (hard to mount a needle holder when wearing 3 pairs of sterile gloves). The big difference now is that we are sending people into the front line with what we know is inadequate protection. You just would not expect a fire fighter to enter a smoke filled building without the appropriate breathing apparatus, why expect a healthcare worker to carry out an aerosol generating procedure on a Covid 19 patient without full PPE?

    The outpouring of support for key workers has been magnificent and generous, but better to ensure fair pay, safe working conditions and perhaps direct our charity to those who have lost their incomes or are struggling.
    The force is strong in this one!
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