Any females on here had laser hair removal?

Hello everyone,

Once I lost the excessive weight I carry, I will be getting laser hair removal. My GP told me because I have a lot of excessive weight (and PCOS) that my body produces a lot of male hormones. Therefore, I grow excessive hair as well. Once I've lost the weight, I'm going to be getting laser hair removal. I would like to hear anyone's experiences of the treatment!

I have thick, black, coarse hair and very pale white skin. I presume it will work very well on me. I'm going to get it done on my entire body because I'm quite hairy. I will probably need about 8 to 12 treatments for it to be effective.

If you've had laser hair removal, did you get an actual laser to laser your hair or did you get IPL? IPL apparently isn't the best at getting rid of coarse hair.


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    Similar to you I have PCOS, I won an IPL package, think it was 6 treatments I had, the results weren't sufficient to warrant paying out for a further course. However, as I have got older the hair has reduced greatly, I'm not sure how much the IPL has played a part? I know the hair though less is there and I'm sure friends and colleagues are just too polite to mention it. 
    Thinking back to when people noticed it, and pointed it out to others to smirk at still hurts, and with that in mind I'd probably give it a go, I'm sure there must have been some improvement since I tried it. 
    Good luck
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    I had proper laser on my top lip - not PCOS in my particular case, however I was sick of looking like Groucho Marx. Well not quite, but it was worth doing something about. It hurt a bit but the results were dramatic - the affected area was completely bald after a few treatments, smooth to the touch and free of ingrowing hairs etc. 
    I had the laser treatment several years ago and there have been no signs of anything growing back. It's permanent, as far as I'm concerned. It hurt a little bit, nothing undue, akin to being hit with a little spit of hot fat from a frying pan each time the laser flashed. It was also reasonably pricey, although I gather rates might have gone down in recent times. I'd recommend it completely. Like you I have dark hair and pale-ish, although not completely white, skin. 
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