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Has anyone heard of, or been involved in the Genistar scheme? Thanks


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    What is it ? 

    Website ?
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  • Sorry, I'm going to start again. 
    Has anyone ever joined or been involved in Genistar.
    It looks a bit like a pyramid scheme to me, but just thought I would ask.
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    I've posted this before, couldn't quote myself.
    I worked for genistar for a time, it's seems all well and good on the surface, helping yourself out of debt, helping others etc. it soon becomes clear that's not where the money comes from though, if you do the math the amount of money you earn is from the fees your recruits or "team"pay.
    Avoid please, I learned the hard way.

    From what I can see, and yes I keep an eye on them, they've changed the way they do things a little, and the upfront charges are far bigger than they were when I was on board... it's typical MLM stuff, I have no idea how they are still operating... 
  •  I made the mistake of allowing a genistar person into my home. The person came along and said their approach was different and unlike anything else I have seen. They said they came to it from an educational perspective.My wife and  I thought ok, let's see. At that time I thought ok, sounds interesting!

    The person asked me what my goals were and then started showing me some slides. How everything went downhill from there
    The slides were designed to sell you life insurance.  It was designed to put you into a state to sell you life cover. Don't be fooled. Period! the educational angle is to get them in your house

    Their education is one slide if I remember. The rule of 72. That's it. The rest as I said is about selling life cover. They work with vitality life insurance.

    They said they don't charge for their service and only asked I give them names and numbers of 10 people like me. They even asked if I want to join and that it was easy and a computer does all the work of calculating what I need for cover.

    Well I asked the person to leave at that point.

    Avoid these people. They are unprofessional. They are out to sell you life cover and nothing else.

  • I remember the person saying that they get promoted according to how much life insurance they sold and how many people they recruited. They also said that I could get some money as an overide from teaching people I got
    Genistar - a dressed up MLM
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