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Click and Collect

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JDWattJDWatt Forumite
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edited 3 May at 11:43AM in Gone Off!
I have today collected a click and collect order (23/4/2020). The Order was placed around my Birthday and included two items bought for me by my daughters. Indeed they prompted the order since it was my {Text removed by Forum Team} birthday on {Text removed by Forum Team}. I registered for click and collect and the earliest delivery was 23/4. Unfortunately I have chronic heart failure (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and chronic Arthritis and am self-isolating. On collection the two single malts (Birthday presents) were missing. They were on offer, so I assumed out of stock. On return I searched the internet and found that both items are back in stock at Morrisons about an hour after my collection. I have placed an order for them but the price has increased by £28.00. Now had I not been self-isolating I would have taken from the shelves about a week earlier. It is unfortunate that these items were out of stock for such a short duration! Such a pity that my illness and our current circumstances should cause me to miss that opportunity. I have PDF's for my original order, for the order placed on the 23/4/2020 and my bank statement on the 24th which at this moment shows that I have paid for the single malts and not tasted a drop. Am I entitled to this product at the promotional price. My bank statement shows a payment at the promotional price including the single malts was taken, but subsequently, 25/2 removed and repaced with a debit for them items collected. (Not including the single malts) 


  • flashg67flashg67 Forumite
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    A shame, but sadly not, the price you pay is the price on the day of collection. Works both ways - some things go down in price between order & collections.
    No harm in asking them though, but I'm guessing it won't be a priority for them to respond quickly at the moment
  • JDWattJDWatt Forumite
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    Many Thanks, Morrisons putting profit before peoples lives. Pity they didn't have the (Whats the technical name for testicles?) to put the items in the delivery and bill me the extra £28. We will wait and see!
  • mikbmikb Forumite
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    JDWatt said:
    Whats the technical name for testicles?
    I believe the technical name is testicles. :)
  • MysteryMeMysteryMe Forumite
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    I can imagine it i annoying. Perhaps check other supermarkets online, sometimes they have offers on the same items
  • TheBankerTheBanker Forumite
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    @JDWatt may I suggest you edit your post to remove your full date of birth as this is available for anyone to view on the internet. 
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