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Morrisons more card.

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Hi has Morrisons stopped giving points on there more card.

My mother was on the phone having a chat to me and she mentioned the lady in Morrisons store said they are not accepting "more cards" something to do with Corona virus.


  • blueskinnedbeastblueskinnedbeast Forumite
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    More points are still being added,just checked last two receipts (one from yesterday) and the points are added on both.
  • tehonetehone Forumite
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    It it perhaps that they aren't accepting them because the staff aren't taking them from you and scanning them (ie trying to be completely contactless), and so if you don't scan the card, they don't input the number by hand?
  • ioscorpioioscorpio Forumite
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    I forgot my card one day and customer service said that they could not add the points until the lockdown was over
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