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Wedding: Should we postpone or hang on in hope?

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We're due to get married on 25 July 2020, with about 70 guests. The wedding is currently still scheduled to go ahead and like many, we're in turmoil about whether to postpone the wedding or not. It's still a few months away, so there's hope that the situation will be better by then, but there's also a lot to do in the meantime, such as dress alterations etc... The stag/hen do's are also scheduled for mid June, which is coming up quickly and will probably need to be postponed regardless of whether or not the wedding goes ahead as scheduled.

How late should we leave it before we make the decision to postpone? I know there's no black or white answer to this, but it's helpful to get an outside perspective sometimes. How late is too late, not only for us but also for the guests?

We have wedding insurance, but they won't transfer the insurance to new a date and pay out for anything we lose on the existing date. Fortunately, most of our suppliers are being very helpful and flexible. There will be about £500 extra costs if we move it to next year.


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    Everyone is indeed hoping that it will be better by then. However, there is no certainty about it. Some couples have had already moved their wedding dates to fall and winter due to the pandemic. Considering the number of your guests, postponing it will be a better idea but just as you mentioned, there will be an extra fee if you move the date to next year. In addition to the extra fee, your wedding dress will need some alterations. Another option is to proceed with the scheduled date but with limited attendance. Still, the decision is yours and your partner's. Congratulations in advance!
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    I think you should just get married with you, the fiancee and priest.
    A friend of mine daughter did this - just three people and took the pictures.
    Once the virus is cleared up, and we are not sure when, they plan on having a big celebration and a blessing.
    Waiting on till then, it's like putting your life on hold.
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