Anyone else skating?

As the ice rinks are closed I dug out my inline skates. I hated it at first, but four weeks later, practising one hour each day, and I now think it’s wonderful. I can do a lot of my on ice drills, although stopping is always going to be less effective unless you collide with a brick wall of course. 

I ordered a new pair of skates today as the ones I have are too soft. The chap I spoke to said business is booming with a two day wait to process orders! 

If you’re bored and looking for a way to exercise, why not try skating? It burns lots of calories, gets your heart going, stretches your muscles and ligaments, and keeps you mentally active. And you get fresh air and sun/rain. But please get knee and elbow pads, gloves and coccyx protection (I have padded shorts). And do stick to traffic free areas, and be careful of pedestrians and cyclists. 

I skate locally and with one exception everyone has been pleasant. I’ve had lots of positive comments - “that looks fun”, “impressive”, “looks like a good workout”, “I’d love to do that” - and only one idiot who verbally abused me (he clearly has personal issues). I think we are all getting cabin fever, and yearn to talk to non family members. 


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