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Help regrading backdated pip eligibility

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Help regrading backdated pip eligibility

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user_phoenixuser_phoenix Forumite
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I'm new to this website so I apologise if the answer is already on here,I place a claim for pip in august of 2019,I have recently just had
news via letter that its successful,i was on DLA prior to this pipe have had the same condition for close to 10 years and I have been awarded
a different amount for pipe few people have mentioned that there is a possibility that there could be some backdated funds available from the date I made the claim for pip
till the date I got the pip award, if someone could help I'd appreciate that thanks in advance.



  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    Where you still getting equal to your DLA payments every month until you received your letter saying you had been award PIP?
    It is paid by Castle Court.  Sorry, but I cannot remember the name it is called?   One of my friends was still getting paid the amount she normally received in DLA until her PIP was cleared to be paid.    They do back date but if you did receive payments from Castle Court that is deducted from any money that PIP own you.  People think they will get £££ but my friend got £40+ owed to her.
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