Help/advice: refunds not transferred to new bank account

I'm looking for some help/advice as two refunds I have been paid have gone to my old bank account and appear to be stuck there in a holding account.

I made the payments through PayPal but have not received the money. I used my debit card from my previous bank account with Halifax which was registered on PayPal. Since then I have used the bank switching service to change to First Direct. I updated the details on my PayPal to my new card before the refunds were made, however the refunds still went back to the card I used to pay which I understand is normal. Apparently the switch guarantee does not automatically cover card payments and since my old account is now closed, the money seems to be in a holding account with Halifax. PayPal have confirmed the payments have been made to the bank.

Halifax have said that I should contact the companies owing me the refunds to ask them to recall the payment and make it to my new account. I have done this but have not had a response yet. I also don't know whether the companies can change the card details on a security level, without some information with the bank. 

It is quite a significant amount of money and it seems the simpler thing would be for Halifax to deal with the money to send it onto my new account, since they have the details from my switch. It seems they should at least reject the payments so that the money will be sent back to the companies in order for them to resend it.

Are there any written standards or terms that I can quote to Halifax to get them to provide me with more assistance? They have the money but have so far been unwilling to help.


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    Rather than posting in the part of the forum Local money saving: Spotted a bargain let local moneysavers know?

    Your post might be better answered on the dedicated part where it says Budgeting & Bank Accounts

    You will get more replies.
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