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Help new to Morrison online shopping

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Help new to Morrison online shopping

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VegastareVegastare Forumite
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I had a home delivery from Morrisons - was very good and while some of what I wanted was limited most arrived in some form and all items had really good use by dates, have managed to get another date and wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a tick option to say yes or no to substitutes.  Had a couple of items subs I will never use, but honestly was just so pleased with what I got and as trying to be careful due to our health just glad we can get home delivery.
Can anyone tell me how to agree or not to substitute items


  • TheBankerTheBanker Forumite
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    I don't believe there is a way to stop subs. Under normal circumstances, the driver will tell you what's been subbed and take back the item if you don't want it. 
    Currently they are not taking unwanted items back at the doorstep, but you can request a refund online. 
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    Sky_Sky_ Forumite
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    You can't stop subs with Morrisons (or with Ocado either).
    I haven't found a way to request a refund online (their help pages say you can, but the specified links aren't there and when I asked on the phone, the call handler said it's not possible online and you have to phone or email your refund request).
    I just phone them with my order number and a list of unwanted items (such as the gelatine based sweets they sent as a sub for a vegan family member's Skittles).  I've only received a third to a half of my order (including subs) each time since covid began, but it's better than having to brave the shops in person.

  • VegastareVegastare Forumite
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    Thank you both - while my order was ok with some missing  but only a few items - it was the bleach based cleaner and another item they subsituted I cannot use (allergy ) still am only too glad to not have to go out - if it comes up to an unacceptable price I would try and get a refund - thanks to you both
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