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Not sure if this is in the right thread but I'm looking for some legal advice.     Long story so I'll try to condense it.    Before I split from my ex I bought a house cash and put it in his name due to abusive cohesive relationship.    After we separated I managed to get charge on it saying not to be sold without me agreeing.    It's been empty 3 years and he's never paid council tax on it.    The council are now going to out a charge on it, hearing next week.    Can they make a sale on it, . It's value is £140,000 and debt is £4,000.    He has never paid a penny for it and I'm still paying a mortgage on my house coz I remortgaged mine to buy it.   Complete mess I know but I'm lucky to be alive, just need it in my name but can't afford to take it to court to sort it out yet x . Thanks in advance
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