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House Buying - When do you pay solicitor

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House Buying - When do you pay solicitor

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My solicitor gave me a quote for legal fees was based on a lower offer so to be clear I expected the fees to be higher because of that. The day before completion I get an email asking to transfer the money for the house and legal fees including (legal fees were changed from the original quote - no problem) There was no official invoice for this and by no means did it say it was a quote. House closed ok but I never got an invoice despite paying their fees. Odd right? Today 4 days after getting the money they demand more money with no explanation. I demand they tell me where the extra fees are coming from and they claim they got the LLTB cost wrong and registration fee wrong. I find this strange as these are values that remain constant depending on house value and why if they updated legal fees did they not fix this when I send them the money? I was wondering if this is normal? They have thus far failed to give me any invoices.


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