could a bank tell you who cashed a cheque?

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could a bank tell you who cashed a cheque on a current account from a year and a half ago?

the situation is my gf just got a letter the other day from a collection agency saying she owed barclaycard over 900 quid, she found it very confusing and it is the first thing she has heard for a very long time from barclaycard

now my gf did have a barclaycard with some debt on it from before I met her, but soon after I met her she consolodated any debt and paid them all off

she has looked in an old cheque book and found a stub for over £300 to barclaycard with the word 'cleared' written on the stub, so she obviously thought she had cleared it at the time

checking her old statement 12 days after the date on the stub the same amount was taken out of her account and there seems to be some sort of refernce number next to the withdrawl

would her bank be able to tell her who cashed that cheque?


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    Kind of, yes.

    They ought to be able to confirm the account into which the cheque was paid or even send a photocopy of the cheque. Once it cleared, it went back to her bank.
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  • ok, so they would be able to tell you if a creditcard comapny cashed it?
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    They tell you the name of the account it cleared through ... which I would guess is Barclaycard.

    Ask them and see what they can tell you. If it's not clear, post back here.
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  • ok, thanks, will post back either way
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    Before going down that route, I would get a detailed statement of receipts and payments on her account from Barclaycard. It may well be they are not disputing that she paid them that £300, there might have been other money owing.
  • Contact your bank and request copy of the cheque in particular, this should come back with the name Barclaycard as the payee.

    Show this to barclaycard and if they still claim they are owed money, then tell your bank seller is claiming non-receipt and they will have to find the s/c and a/c no the cheque actually cleared into.
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    You need to follow the guidance in post #6 - and contact Barclaycard. But also ask for a copy of the cleared cheque from your Bank.

    ....but ensure you stipulate both sides - as it's the reverse that will confirm / deny who processed it. If it's Barclaycard there will be a full audit trail on the rear from their processing equipment (used to be processed by GUS at Bolton until a few years ago - but now moved, I suspect as GUS were outsourcing even their own work)
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