TFL tube refund

We are not at all regular tube users, which means I don’t understand what would be expected, or what has happened.

We flew into Heathrow last week, took a tube to Kingscross, paying with contactless, and when we got there all the gates were open. We swiped out anyway, both at the same gate, as we thought we would be charged the full daily rate otherwise. My wife was charged £3.10 and I was charged £5.70, which seemed strange. I’ve just had the £5.70 refunded to my account and she hasn’t, yet at least.

So what’s going on here? 


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    You either didn't touch in or our correctly and got charged the maxium off-peak fare of £5.70, but as it was a "first offence" it got auto-refunded as goodwill. The £3.10 is the correct fare you should have paid for off-peak travel.
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