Have heard about this company

Hi this is the first time I’ve used the forum. Has anyone heard of the following company regarding looking at claims if you have had a mortgage with Northern Rock
Trusted Mortgage Claims based in Manchester 
my husband saw a advert from them offering a no win no fee service. I would like to know if they are a trusted company. 
Thanks for any replies to my question. 


  • John_
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    It’s right there in their name, I don’t see how they could call themselves trusted if they are not.

    Can I ask what you are thinking of using them for? These companies rarely do anything of any value, and charge an awful lot of money for it.
  • [Deleted User]
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    You can trust them to take a large amount of money from you for no reason.

    What is that you want to claim from Northern Rock?  Why can you not send the letter yourself?
  • trishahome
    I had not thought about doing anything I did have a mortgage with Northern several years ago. My husband asked me to look into them. Thanks for your replies 
  • The_squirrell
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    I like to pop up and talk about this company!
    As has been said above, if you feel as though you have an issue, then complain directly. It will save you time, money and potentially much more. Trusted Mortgage Claims are certainly not to be trusted. All they do is hook you in by telling you that you are owed thousands of pounds. Perhaps they should be called Psychic Mortgage Claims as they are able to do this without seeing any details at all. If they make you believe the hype, they will then send a Subject Access Request to your lender. This will mean that they (and any other company they want to share your details with) will have access to all your personal information. Most companies that I know of will not now send these details directly to TMC, but instead will send them directly to you to decide what you wish to share with them. This is because they have built an amazing reputation for providing signatures which often "do not appear" to be consistent with those of a customer. They will often request the data multiple times and claim non receipt of it even though firms can demonstrate they have signed for it. This would indicate to me that some of it is being lost. They will repeatedly send these requests to your lender, even though your lender has replied to them, and then blame your lender for not doing so.
    Then.......if you decide to sign up with them, you will be asked to take out finance on a loan to fund their "expert mortgage assessment" which will claim that you are owed many thousands of pounds. This is absolute nonsense of course, but you will obviously think that the loan is worth it based on the amount that they tell you will come back to you. Oh yes, and just to make it even better, you will be asked to take out an insurance policy, which means even if your case fails, you just cannot lose You definitely can! There have been previous examples of this insurance policy being absolutely meaningless. I would suggest that TMC receive a commission for arranging it though? So, this loan may be around 6-7K and will be accruing interest all the time they are losing documents, using delay tactics etc. etc. meaning that you will pay considerably more.
    The reviews on Trustpilot are absolutely hilarious and it has been commented that there is a possibility and this is only allegedly that some of them may have been promoted. That is only allegedly though.
    You cannot call them as their lines do not accept incoming calls which says a lot about a company. Their ownership is not entirely clear, and there are so many other things that I will resist saying for now. Just remember the phrase that "a fool and his money are easily parted". This would appear to be their business model. Please, for anyone reading this do not use them OR ANY SIMILAR COMPANY. If you genuinely believe that there has been a problem, then speak to you lender.
    I work in Data Protection and spend my days dealing with CMC's. Only here trying to help!!
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