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expired kindle

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Free Kindle/E Reader Books (No Chat)- Please Post all on this thread.


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    Chameleon: A City of London Thriller

    Vastrick Security are hired to keep an African Stateswoman alive for just 72 hours until she can deliver a speech that will rock the world. Not too difficult a task unless several African despots, rogue security forces and the world’s deadliest assassin want her dead. The second in the deeply authentic City of London Thriller series has shocks at every turn as the plot races from London to Cuba and on to the USA. A gripping story told in around 100,000 words.!!!!!false
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    Wild Irish Heart

    The Mystic Cove Series Book 1

    It is time...

    An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O'Brien from her graduate studies in Boston to a small village on the coast of Southern Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the enchanted waters of the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who infuriates her during the day and haunts her fantasies at night.

    Inexplicably drawn to the woman who has stepped from his dreams and into his world, Flynn fights a stubborn battle against his increasing attraction for Keelin. Forces unknown have better plans for the two.

    Only the secrets of the cove can show Keelin who she really is, the beauty of her mysterious power, and a love that will break the bounds of what she knows.
    £2020 in 2020 / £1295.37

  • MSE_Laura_FMSE_Laura_F MSE Staff
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    Insomniacs - is this worth a try?

    You can get a free e-book on Amazon entitled Sleep Secrets: How to Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia and Get A Great Night's Sleep, by Ronald M Bazar.

    You can download to a Kindle or another reading device. If you've got an e-reader app, you can also read on your smartphone/tablet.

    Let us know if you give this a go.
  • asajjasajj Forumite
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    The Extra (The Extra Series Book 1) K

    FREE at the time of posting

    Gabby Mays wishes she had her future figured out, like her gorgeous roommate Anna-Marie, who has just landed a role on the hit soap opera Passion Medical. Gabby would give anything to find a career she's half as passionate about as Anna-Marie is about acting—and a love life that isn't comprised of nights with a party-sized bag of Doritos and her Netflix account.

    When Gabby becomes a recurring extra on Passion Medical, she finds a job she's surprisingly great at. Even better, her old crush and ex-boss—the sexy, sweet Will Bowen—is writing the scripts, allowing Gabby lots of quality flirting time at the craft services table.

    But between feuding divas, fake Emmys, and Gabby's growing concern that Will might not see her as anything more than a friend, her life on set is quickly becoming a drama worthy of the soaps.
    £2020 in 2020 / £1295.37

  • asajjasajj Forumite
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    Head Over High Heels: A Romantic Comedy

    FREE at the time of posting

    Laurel Young needs a plan, and fast. After her reality TV boss has a major meltdown, not-so-funemployment seems inevitable--unless she can pitch the idea of a lifetime. When she sees Flint McKay's audition tape - flanneled, handsome as hell, and building a house with his own two hands - she knows she's found her secret weapon. The women of America are going to love him, especially if she can convince him to try building without the flannel shirt.

    Only problem is, Flint didn't make that tape - and he has zero interest in trading the wilds of Western Massachussetts for the bright lights of Hollywood. But Laurel isn't the kind of girl to take no for an answer. Soon, she's knee-deep in rustic charm, and getting plenty of hands-on experience. And it turns out, this city girl and country guy may have a few things in common after all, like crazy hot chemistry, a wild side, and a weakness for good whiskey...

    But can their behind-the-scenes connection last once the world falls in love with Flint? And will this be the big break both of them need- or leave them in the dirt?
    £2020 in 2020 / £1295.37

  • BirdNerdSophieBirdNerdSophie Forumite
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    The Kindle Edition of Anna: The Witch and The Fox is available to download for FREE until 24/01.

    I really enjoyed reading this one - was perfect for commuting! :j

    After losing her lover during a dangerous job in Japan, Anna is left questioning everything she once knew and believed in. As her life spirals out of control, her mentor continually throws her into evermore dangerous situations fighting supernatural entities. Consumed by grief, Anna desperately tries to find answers and confront her fears.

    Anna: The Witch and The Fox is the first instalment of a wider universe told from different character perspectives. It has been written as a short story collection but forms a complete narrative.
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    Unearthed: A psychological thriller with a killer twist you'll never forget

    Growing up in chaotic circumstances, Rebecca yearns for a totally different life; one that isn’t full of misery, and pain, and violence, at the hands of an alcoholic mother.

    When she meets Simon in a club, she harbours romantic notions of a knight in shining armour - sent to rescue her from her unhappiness. But, as their relationship intensifies, it doesn’t take long for Rebecca to realise her mistake. That she has swapped one level of abuse for another.

    Pregnant and alone, she has no choice but to move out of her childhood home. However, with the help of her dearest friend, Rebecca embraces the prospect of a new beginning; mother and child together. That is until fate intervenes, and a chance encounter with Simon ultimately leads to tragedy.

    If only Simon hadn’t been abusive. If only her mother had accepted the baby. If only her sister wasn’t the golden child...the one who could do no wrong!

    Once again Rebecca is forced to start a new life, but deep down she knows the secrets of her old one can’t stay buried forever. And, when the truth is finally revealed, the only thing she has revenge.
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    asajj wrote: »
    HADRON Dark Matter Kindle Edition Free

    The fight for Man's survival in the galaxy begins now...

    Since the discovery of dark matter only weeks before, massive electromagnetic storms have been bombarding the Earth. The power grids have been up and down. Cell service, land lines, TV, radio, and even cable have had major interruptions. Man is not prepared for the events that are coming.

    Book 3 is also free at the moment:

    Watch out! Carrie Hatchett has a plan.

    Carrie’s impulsive, reckless nature gets her in trouble again, and if she wants to keep her job as a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, she has to pass remedial training.

    Little does she know that her survival and the future of the galactic empire are also at stake.

    With the help of her level-headed bestie, Dave, and her fellow alien trainees—an intelligent slug, a mysterious box, a large green blob, and a cylinder of hair—she might just succeed. But so much stands in her way. A brain scan confirms that she isn’t cut out for the job, and a blast from the past rears her beautiful head, sending Carrie into a crisis of self-doubt.

    When the evil mechanical aliens, the placktoids, return, Carrie must put together a plan that actually works. A plan to rid the galaxy of the placktoid menace, and save her life.

    Transgalactic Antics is book three in the comedy sci-fi romp, Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer.

    Follow Carrie on her adventures today!

    “...great lighthearted adventure with a lot of off-the-wall aliens.”

    “...funny in both imagery and adventures.”

    “I recommend the series to all.”

    “A space battle underwater! Fantastic!”

    “...characters were each unique.”

    “My favorite of Carrie’s books (so far). Fantastic read.”
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