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mc causlands belfast airport car park

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mc causlands belfast airport car park

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skeakid62skeakid62 Forumite
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I had booked 8 days in mc causlands belfast airport car park for the end of april,but due to the coronavirus our holiday has been i contacted mc causlands to ask for a refund but was told that the only way i can get one is to re book another stay and pay it in full,then i will get my original refund. Can they do this legally as i might never use that service again..


  • BigAl94BigAl94 Forumite
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    Read their terms and conditions, yes they can.
  • duggan1duggan1 Forumite
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    Yep. Up to them really but you'd think the long term impact of putting customers off might be worth more than keeping a few bookings during this crisis. 
  • sunshinesunshine Forumite
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    We always book with McCausland but for some reason chose the main car park at the Airport this time.  You can cancel with them up to 24hrs beforehand, no charge.  Cancelled ours Tuesday, was back in account on Wednesday.  Hope this helps someone else.
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