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Can anyone help please I filled in a R40 form 18 feb 2020 was asked for a copy of the letter detailing the ppi decision. I have now received a letter asking me fill a Tax self assessment form as my total gross interest for the tax year 2018 to 2019 as my total gross interest is over £10,000 just do not understand I am retired and only pay tax on two private pensions


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    Sounds like you've already exceeded your tax-free threshold and that no refund will be coming your way.. 

    Have you filled in the R40 correctly though? 
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    Was the total of your statutory interest/compensation (paid as part of the PPI refund) and any normal savings interest received in 2018:19 more than £10k?

    If so a tax return is required.  But you will really just be putting the figures from your R40 onto the Self Assessment return.  It's really not any more complicated than filling in the R40.
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