Employment terminated not related to Coronavirus.

I was unfairly dismissed from my last employer on 5th March at a disciplinary hearing, this was nothing to do with the Coronavirus outbreak, therefore I lodged an appeal along with the help of my Union and was to await another hearing within 10 days, I was lucky to gain new employment not long after my hearing as like some i do not want to fall behind with bills, rent and loan payments even though i was to recieve my last pay cheque on 20th March, everything worked out fine for the short term, because of the outbreak and Government guidelines to closedown all non-essential companies, i had only worked a week with the new job, the new employer have been so supportive and wish to keep me on their books and so would class me as a furlough worker...........but the problem is that they cannot pay me because i was not on their payroll on 28th February, therefore i am not classed as a furlough worker and now i have no source of income and not eligible for UC, also i recieved a letter from my previous employer stating that my appeal has now been put back until this crisis is over which now leaves me in a uncertain position.
Even though i was dismissed from my previous employer and still on their payroll on and after the 28th February, and awaiting my appeal, can i be still classed as a furlough worker by my previous employer? 


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    If they agree to this, yes.

    Due to the dismissal, I'm not sure they're going to though, however there's absolutely no harm in asking at all.
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    You can ask them but I can't see it unfortunately, for lots of reasons. I don't see why you can't claim UC while on unpaid leave from your current employer. If I were you I'd be focusing on making the right noises with the new place at the moment.
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  • Are there any talks to make redundancy not an option during the crisis?. My thinking is the fewer people claiming benefits (not putting back into the system) will help the economy when we come through this as it will be taxable income? after all, the money that the government has for the Job Retention Scheme is probably taxpayers money!
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    The government does not have its own money, it is all taxpayers money. They just choose how to spend it and raise it. 
    If you are looking at it in that terms benefits will be far cheaper then the job retention scheme, as not everybody is eliglible for benefits. where as if you make redudancy not an option everybody would be able to claim for the job retention scheme. The vast majority get less then £1800 a month in benefits.

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