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Can you cover yourself that you tried

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Can you cover yourself that you tried

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I appreciate a lot of serious stuff is happening out there and only found out in December 2019 blood tests around our way were 9-5, I have both diabetes more recently diagnosed (apparently and for which on medication which least stopped my toes feeling like they were in barbed wire) and have under active thyroid since the year of 1991 today on phoning doctors surgery to find to find how to get thyroid checked as over a year has passed,  I am told by the Receptionist this isn't really important and can wait although my last test was 14 months (I asked when I had anxiety issues and was told a yearly blood test was fine, asked again when diagnosed with diabetes with no one saying a great deal) and I am having problems such as with periods again and constipation, plus major weight gain to the point in hurts in lower back when walking (think it is the coccyx point) - just dread later in future a doctor shouting at me and being able to deny what Receptionist has said who just brushed if off as an oh well, this can wait. 
I was also alarmed to read a letter today sent in conjunction with a health group which says I'm 'prediabetic' (despite going for the glaucoma eye exam last month and being offered the nhs desmond course under west suffolk trust and 4 months on a diabetic drug) that they just apologise was sent as admin error - it was really like a bad delayed April fools is there anywhere I can go for a second opinion as I'm totally doubting the diagnose now.  ie. what if they are wrong.
If I can't get a doctors appointment and in covering myself, should I just send them letter saying I request a blood test and leave it at that.


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    Request for a GP appointment, it is not for the receptionist to decide if you need an appointment. When the receptionist asks for the reason for the appointment, just state the problems (periods, constipation) that you have mentioned. There is no need to go into detail with the receptionist.
    I work for the NHS and GP receptionists can be incredibly rude.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    At present   GP's have closed face to face appointments. 
    Routine checks are not being done.

    from Diabetes uk
    Most routine appointments like your annual diabetes review have been cancelled or postponed. But you should be able to reschedule once things go back to normal. It's okay that you won't be going your eye screening and routine foot checks in these circumstances. In the meantime, follow your current routine including checking your feet daily, keep to a healthy diet and try to keep active
    So the receptionists is correct regarding your routine blood checks.
    The labs are probably unable to deal with them as they will be short staffed like everywhere else due to staff absences

    RegaRding your other problems that is a separate  matter you could probably  ask for a phone appointment with the GP without mentioning blood tests.   You will only get a face to face appointment if your GP considers it necessary.
      There may be a shortage of GP'S available, One local practice had 3 of it's 5 GP's absent due to self isolating due to symptoms or members of their household having symptoms.  So they  were prioritising cases. 
    If you are concerned you can contact NHS 111  for advice.
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    My GP surgery has cancelled B12 injections except for those needing them.
    Mine are 3 monthly and I rang the surgery yesterday and happened to speak to the health assistant who does the jabs.She said that anyone who called would be referred  to the inhouse pharmacist who would make a decision . Today she called to say that I will be fine and should call a few weeks before to make an appointment around 7th January, next year.
    This means the jab is annual, yet my neurologist commented on my latest GP tests and recommended 3 monthly tests, two years ago. I realise that for health's sake it is better to go without during the pandemic, but suggesting the next is in 12 months (hopefully well after the virus has gone or reduced) seems rather extreme.
    As I told the health assistant who called me, I will be ringing the surgery once things are running as normal.
  • QuackQuackOopsQuackQuackOops Forumite
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    My Mum gets B12 every 4 weeks. The nurse comes to the house to give her it.

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