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Hi folks. I haven't been on here in a long time. I can't even get in to the account I was using most recently. So I am going to look at this as a fresh start and get my life in order once and for all. I'm a single 54 yr old female. I have two grown up children who still live at home but both wanting to get their own places. I don't have debts except for credit cards, my car and my mortgage. However cc is at £23,674.36. None of this is on a reduced rate. The highest interest rate is 22.93% and lowest is 18.2%. I don't have a massive amount of spare cash as I am paying almost £550 per month to service the minimum payments. I do however have a decent job and was recently promoted which has brought in some extra money. It has also resulted in £135 per month travel expenses so it's not all good. 
I'm also still a fat git. I have been doing the Cambridge diet and that has been pretty successful for me ( when I stick to it) . I had lost 4 stones but have put a few lbs back on and now at 2 stones and 9lbs lost. Very annoying. A combination of Christmas, an all inclusive holiday and now social distancing. I have paid the £134 for my month's supplies yesterday though so I need to sort myself out and get on track. Need to figure out how to get out and pick my stuff up though. 
I see this thread as my vow to myself that I am going to sort things out. Wish me luck !!


  • shazanne_2shazanne_2 Forumite
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    Plan of action whilst in lockdown will be to pay the £135 for my train ticket direct to my most expensive debt. I'll do my best to use up all the food we have already got in the house. I had 27 packet of noodles !! Who even does that? Me obviously. I need to get back to basics and get a shopping list done each week and stop just buying everything in sight. I bought two pairs of shoes the other day online. I only paid £21 for the two pairs in the sale but I actually have about 40 pairs of shoes and I hate shoes!! This is the kind of thing I need to stop doing. I also need to stop booking holidays as soon as anyone mentions a holiday. I'll have a look and see what I have that I can make meals from and get a menu done. Laters x
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    Nice to see you back

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    Have you done a SOA? If you're looking at this as a fresh start it might be worth doing a new one. WHats your credit score like, is there no balance transfer offers you could get?
    *RBS credit card - £1930.50* - £0.00
    *Tesco Credit card - £3604.30* - £0.00
    *Finance - £581.91 - £0.00
    *Dad loan - £5300 - £3800
    *M+S Credit Card - £0
    *MBNA Credit Card - £1211.88 - £0
    *Virgin Credit Card - £3075 - £0
    *Total debt - £3800*
    *Sinking Fund - £2500/£2500*
    *Emergency Fund -£250/£5000*
    *Mortgage Overpayment - £46.90/£1000*
    Premium Bonds - £200/£1000
    Facing Reality - My Debt Free Diary
  • shazanne_2shazanne_2 Forumite
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    Hi. Thanks for replies. I’ve actually managed to get back on my other account so will not be using this one. I can’t get any transfers unfortunately. Credit score is shot as well x
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