Started new job in March - now worried

Hi all in this awful time. 
My employment ended with last employer on 13th March by mutual consent but luckily found a new position and started 16th March. Due to all things happening, we’ve been told to work from home but as yet, not on furlough- yet.  I’ve been told by HR that there will be an email coming out regarding the Job Retention scheme which concerns me as I was not on their PAYE on 28th and reading between the lines, it’s not looking good. 
I can appreciate everyone’s in a similar boat but does anyone know what I can expect from my current employer? Do they/ can they make me redundant so that I have to go back to my previous employer for them to re-hire me, or reduce my salary to still pay me something or anything else? I’ve still not heard anything from my employer yet but worried on what’s going to happen. 

I would appreciate any pointers or information on the above but totally understand it’s a bit of a mess right now. 

Stay safe to all 


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    Your current employer cannot furlough you for the reason you state. Your previous employer cannot rehire you and furlough you because you were not made redundant by them. I can't sugar coat it I'm afraid.
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    Can't give you loads of clarity right now sadly.
    Hang in there, it seems like you have a positive mindset and have pretty much summed up your situation.
    Good thing is you can work from home so that gives you some security knowing that you can be productive. Do what you can to prove yourself to your employer and I hope they will realise that extra effort you might put in.

    Yes, they can make you redundant by following proper process under employment law. If you were there <1 month, and probably are still on probation then you can expect only 1 week notice.

    Good luck and stay safe too
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