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Free Comedy Show Download With £1 Charity Donation

I've been buying live comedy DVDs from Go Faster Stripe for years. They've just started to offer downloads of shows for free (for the next couple of weeks at least), when you donate £1 or more to charity. The available show will change each week.

This week it's Rachel Fairburn's show Her Majesty, with donations going to the food bank charity Trussell Trust. Donate before 5pm on 2nd April for this one​, then you can stream or download it whenever you want.

If you haven't heard of them, Go Faster Stripe is a small company (run by one person I think) that records live comedy shows from the likes of Richard Herring, Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery, Tony Law, Robin Ince, Ruby Wax etc, making them available on DVD or as digital downloads.

They are planning to offer one show for free each week, with donations going to the Trussell Trust. This is the current schedule:
Rachel Fairburn - Her Majesty - 26th March - 2nd April
Richard Herring - We're All Going To Die - 2nd - 9th April

Looks like a great initiative. Enjoy!
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