Holiday cancellation

We are due to go to tenerife In July but my partner has lost his job and also his mother is not well so we need to remain in this country for foreseeable future, altho with this current climate it may not be possible for holidays anyway 
 What rights do we have to cancelling the holiday 


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    this far out, you will likely lose deposit (if paid low deposit, you will likely need to pay the remainder of the deposit to cancel)
    The booking details you have from the company should advise what the cancellation costs would be. You could also look at the company website to see if they are offering date changes for July travel
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    It's likely to be vouchers , not cash, for a refund when they cancel your holiday . The vouchers are likely to have a long distant expiry date .

    If you cancel then you are subject to the normal cancellation fees , these are on a sliding scale depending on how close to departure you are.

    Your travel insurance does not cover this , neither is a section 75 from your credit card possible
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    There may be an insurance claim, many policies cover redundancy as a ground for recovery of deposit, and mother in laws illness, if not pre-existing and serious, could also be an avenue to avoid loss. This all supposes you took out insurance at the time of booking. Otherwise, if you cancel now you will lose the deposit you paid
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    I paid a low deposit of £200 with TUI for a holiday in September 2020. I must pay the rest of my deposit £600 on the 6th of April. I'm now out of work like many other people and can't pay the rest of my deposit. It's not that I don't want to pay the rest of my deposit more that I can't. I've tried to ring TUI and sat on the phone for hours but can't get through, I will try again tomorrow. If I had the money I would pay the deposit and the rest of the balance on time. Then if TUI couldn't fly us out for our holiday claim a refund. I've enough stress at the moment without worrying about paying for a holiday with money I don't have.

    Thanks for any tips or advise you may give.   
  •  I'm not cancelling yet. Waiting for them to cancel unless it get very close to the time. Hopefully full refund then. 
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    We've paid the full amount for our mid June TUI holiday.
    Have just been looking at holidays for next year, might decide to just transfer our booking over to 2021.
    I'm not sure how TUI will be treating those people who can't pay the balance of the deposit (@ Tarntyke).
    Under normal circumstances they would pursue you for the balance of the deposit.

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    We’ve also paid the full balance of our June holiday to Tui, and waiting to decide what to do. As we go to the same hotel in Ibiza every year (along with several friends) we might consider transferring to next year, although at the moment Tui are quoting a price that is quite a bit more expensive. If they can do us a deal for the same price as this year, we’ll probably go for it. If they don’t, which I’m fully expecting, we’ll take a refund of the full balance and take our chances at rebooking ourselves when we see an opportunity. Luckily we’re not restricted to a particular date or day of travel.
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    Good luck with getting a refund, it seems they are only offering vouchers now and have just taken a bailout from the German government to keep them going
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    For those trying to contact TUI, try contacting them via Facebook. I did a few days back, and they responded in 3 or 4 days.
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    Like a lot of folk, have paid for holiday which will probably not now happen. Would happily accept a credit note to rebook next year so long as there are satisfactory answers to two queries.

    1) If the company is, for any reason, eg. another airline going under, unable to provide the rearranged holiday, would they then be prepared to refund the money or would they try to insist on another credit note?
    2) If I cannot go, say because of illness, would my travel insurance refund the amount paid originally, as the new holiday was paid for by credit note?
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