Made redundant today after 32 years

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Made redundant today after 32 years

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doris540doris540 Forumite
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 Sadly today i have been made redundant after over 30 years, I was intially offered a job within the company 90 mile round trip from my house, presently i am 2 miles from the site, I asked about cost towards fuel, travel time etc and was told no extra was offered. I am in the union and they have said that this offer is totally unreasonable. Also we were subjected to a matrix point scoring system which has been scored totally wrong on many of the affected people. Intially HR didnt even know what job role people had .and yet within a week weve been assessed scored and the results are not good for the majority.In the letter it also states that if i was to take the offer at the other site and it wasnt suitable within the first month i must give notice and the company will view this as resignation, There is no sign of a mobilty clause in the contract of employment and to make no offer of cost cover for going to other site is legally questionable i feel


  • JReacher1JReacher1 Forumite
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    I don’t believe that if your position is made redundant and you are offered a position at another location that the company has to compensate you for petrol and travel time. 

    It seems like you’ve been offered either redundancy or a position at another branch. Although unpleasant I don’t believe legally there is anything you can do to protest this.  
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