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Import duties

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Not really the correct category, sorry, but couldn't find a better one.  When the UK really leaves the EU, does anyone know whether goods bought from the EU would be subject to the same rules as goods bought from the USA for example - e.g. VAT, customs handling, etc, etc.  This would/might affect e.g. CDs and books and anything over a certain value  bought via Amazon (just an example vendor) - at the moment, you get stung for VAT etc if your order from the USA is over a certain amount, but you escape this thievery if you buy from the EU.  That is because goods bought from the USA are imports and good bought from the EU are transfers (within the European market area).  At least that is what I was told years ago.  If it is still the case, we perhaps ought to get ordering stuff from the EU asap (or buy British!)


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