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Free coding Workshops from Packt

Packt (Birmingham based publishing house) have emailed instructions on how to purchase any and all of their Workshops for free. Workshops include courses on coding in Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ and more. Use the code "PACKTFREE" at checkout to reduce the price to nothing.
So instructions are...
  1. Go to
  2. Go to purchase the course of your choice (requires registration)
  3. Enter redemption code "PACKTFREE"
  4. Rinse and repeat
There email says "...we wanted to offer you some free content, as our way of helping you to keep your skills up to date in these difficult times. Today we are making all of our interactive workshops completely free until the end of May. Add any workshop on to your cart and use the code PACKTFREE to unlock access. Filled with videos, quizzes and step-by-step instruction, they are the ideal replacement for instructor-led training and a great way to learn a new programming language or brush up on your data science skills."


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