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Noisy neighbour kids please help

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Noisy neighbour kids please help

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jm170977jm170977 Forumite
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Hi folks,
Desperately looking advice here. The house behind me has three kids. Who I know are just playing and totally get that. But for the last six years the noise levels of them banging balls and screaming for hours upon hours means I can't enjoy my own garden and have to hide away with earphones on. Over those 6 years I have complained by letters and to the army who owns the house. But yet again it's started up again. On top of that another issue has occurred my lovely neighbors beside me moved out last summer. And a new family has moved in they seem nice. But just my luck the son has the spotlight on sometimes 8 sometimes 9 and now sometimes 10pm at night.  Yet again I don't want to fall out with anyone but letters have been sent I have went in and asked it to stop. But it's just not stopping. Can anyone help I'm at my wit's end. I can't afford to move and don't know what to do. Oh and the council are useless.

Please help, preferably no jokes.


  • Daveym79Daveym79 Forumite
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    With regards to your new neighbour next door, in my opinion I would be more offended to know letters have been exchanged with the council etc rather than you simply coming around to my door and asking for the switch light to be turned off or simply mentioning that it is causing an issue. I don't exactly understand if you are referring to an outdoor light or light in a room, can you be more specific? With regards to the other children making noise, most councils now have a noise app whereby you record the levels via the app over a short period ie 1 day or more when the noise is at its worst and upload this case onto the app. The council will then listen and possibly act on the audio recording. I was successful with regards to our noisy neighbours who threw parties most weekends. They received a warning with the possibility of a fine the 2nd time around and they moved out 2 weeks after the letter was received. It was a relief so hopefully you might have some luck. It is more difficult to record children playing than actual music but see how it goes. 
  • Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Presumably an outdoor spotlight shining through your window, ask or offer to adjust it so it points downwards or away from your property. You're unlikely to get help silencing noisy children outside unless they are being excessively noisy. Try distraction noise such as a radio with you in the garden.
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    Enterprise_1701CEnterprise_1701C Forumite
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    We have noisy kids next door.  The difference is I am glad that they are playing outside rather than stuck inside on computers.  And I love the sound of children playing and having fun, the neighbour constantly apologises and my reply tends to be that I would be worried if they were quiet.  Kids are kids and their childhoods are all the more valuable in this day and age, they are going to miss out on a lot in the future.

    As for the spotlight, to be honest 10pm does not seem so bad, what do you do in the summer when it is actually light outside until that time?

    I know this is going to sound callous, but I get the impression you need to learn to relax a little or all the little irritants that we all face every day will get on top of you.  The only way you can get the sort of peace and dark you are after is to live in a house in the middle of nowhere.  We all have to learn a little give and take, especially in this troubled time.
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  • jm170977jm170977 Forumite
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    Hi folks,

    Thanks for the responses. My post wasn't very clear as it's nothing to do with the spotlight. It's the fact the new kid is out the back at 10pm cracking his ball off the wall for an hour. And I had went in before and it stopped it's  it's still going on and not stopping at a decent time. I also have a young child so that doesn't help.

    As for the other kids behind yes I love hearing kids enjoying themselves and actually had a lovely set of kids behind us previously who where lovely. But it's not the kids it's again the level of noise all day that's really frustrating.

    Apologies that's my fault for not being very clear in my post. 

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    Retireby40Retireby40 Forumite
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    Wherever you live seems to be a quite family friendly area. If kids playing is starting to annoy you although you say you cannot move that is your only option.

    Move to a detached house that has plenty of space. If that isnt possible then learn to live with the noise. It's your only option because children will be children and their parents wont want to be on their case 24/7 especially now when there is no school or in summer.

    If someone is constantly kicking football at 10.30pm or later then that is unreasonable so you could simply say you have a young child ( no idea how young) and they are having trouble because of the noise. Ask nicely if it could be possible that they dont do it after I dont know 9pm.
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