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Council tax band - appeal help

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Hi all

I have recently rented a property which has got a F band on its council tax, upon looking at the houses on the same road, some people have got E and some people have got F. Postcode IG5 0NA
I have done the 1991 valuation and the value it gives would put E as the right category.
I am looking to appeal this as its quite a difference in monies for E and F and obviously I want to pay the right amount.
Looking on the website it says I need to ring them. 
Does anyone know what they ask so I can be prepared?.
If they say that the whole road is incorrect and everyone should be on F (which is different to my findings), when they notify the incorrect ones, would they mention that someone from number XXX raised it?. - I hope not.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Looking on the website it says I need to ring them. 
    Does anyone know what they ask so I can be prepared?.
    I doubt there'll be anyone there to answer your call. 
    One to put on hold, I think...
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    There appear to be 2 types of houses, unextended and extended, plus there are a lot of houses with an "improvement Indicator", so have been extended and await a band increase with the next sale. I would imagine extended are Band F, unextended are Band E. If yours is extended then Band F is probably correct. As CT has been in existence for 27 years, the bands will have become well established and there would probably either be sales evidence and/or settled appeals to support Band F.

    If you have used either Halifax or Nationwide house price indices, or even worse Zoopla to arrive at the notional 1991 value, be advised that these sites are inaccurate usually undervaluing 1991 prices quite considerably.
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