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Delay Repay - Return Journey

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I travelled from Brighton to Dorchester on 2/2/20 and the train was delayed by over 2 hours. Southern paid 100% of the return ticket price.
I returned on 9/2/20 and the train was delayed by over 2 hours, my delay repay claim was declined because I had already received !00% of the return ticket price.
Is this correct I cannot see anything explicit about this on the Southern Rail site only that delayed journeys are subject to delay repay claims


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    You already had all your money back. You're not supposed to make a profit.
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    I am asking what are the rules...nothing else.....if you have nothing positive to add don't post
    Delay repay is a compensation scheme for late running services..... just because the rates at which compensation is calculated is mechanical doesn't necessarily mean they should not be more than the cost of the journey. Flight delay compensaton can be in excess of what is paid for the flight ticket

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