Total Fitness, coronavius and membership fees

Unlike other major brands,  the majority of whom have vouched to freeze memberships free of charge, and will not be taking further direct debit payments while the ban is in place, Total Fitness appears to be wanting their members to stay the course and, I assume,  to continue paying the full monthly membership charge. To quote from their members area of the their website "More than ever we need your support so please - our entire team would ask you to stay the course with us"


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    I don't mind providing some support to the staff (although I thought the government were providing upto 80% of wage bill), but
    I've no intention of of funding the directors/owners lifestyle. Any other members have any thoughts on this?
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    It depends how long you have been a member, and your relationship to the company. I started a martial arts course, and they expect members to carry on paying. I will do two months more as they gave me a month free, as a token of solidarity. But I won’t do more. It’s a small company, not making much, supporting locals. I would not support a big company since as said directors earn a fortune. 
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    Good news, Total Fitness have now updated their website in line with other gyms.
    "While your club is closed we’ll automatically freeze your membership for you if you haven’t already done so. No membership fees will be collected during the closure. If you’ve paid for your membership in a lump sum the same applies to you too and we’ll add the time for which we’re closed to the end of your membership subscription". Better late than never.
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