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Back in August I must have been a bit silly and filled out a Free PPI check with Allay Claims, since then, I’ve been bombarded with messages by them, so I emailed them to stop.

They then proceeded to say if I cancelled the claim I would be charged for texts, phone calls and what work they have done. 

They advised I had a 14 day cooling off period ~ I mean.... this must have been way down in the terms as I didn’t see this. And to be honest so much has gone on in my life I forgot I had even sent the form.

I’m self employed and don’t earn much at the moment and don’t need this extra steer with them. They mentioned I do have a valid claim but if I had arrears with the card, which I think I will have been ~ any payment will be made to cover the the arrears  I’d still have to pay Allay their fee of 24% I just want this all to be cancelled and over. So either way I’m screwed!!

I can’t afford to pay them anything. 

Can anyone help, have got dealt with them before.

Thank you so much 


  • It's a little late in the day, but now would be a good time to read what you signed up to.

    However the good news is they have no idea if you have a valid complaint. What reasons did you give and about which lender?

    And have they actually submitted your complaint yet?
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    If it was sent in August, it’s likely to have been auto-converted into a complaint if the lender found PPI, however allay wouldn’t really know it was a successful complaint before you would.

    as above though, check what you’ve signed up for
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