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My son has Minecraft Switch Edition as a physical game.  I want to upgrade it to the Bedrock edition so that he can play with his friends while they are off school.  It's supposed to be a free upgrade but the nintendo eshop is saying it's £19.99.  

Does anyone know how to get the upgrade if you have the switch game as a cartridge rather than as a download?  Nintendo support were absolutely shockingly unhelpful to the point of rudeness.
Thanks in advance!


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    I don't know anything about Mincraft, but from what I am reading online, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition never had a physical release. What game does your son actually have? Take a picture of it,
    If it is Minecraft: Story Mode, then this is a toally different game and can't be upgraded. If it is the normal Minecraft and is on Physical, it is already the 'upgraded version'

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    I only have the Java (PC) edition that I bought years ago, I was allowed to also download the Windows 10 Bedrock version for free as I'd bought the original so long ago. To activate this I had to log into my Mojang account online.
    I'm not sure if this is the same for consoles, but possibly they will issue a code to enter? Try minecraft.net, or mojang.com
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