Daughters University closed for rest of academic year - rent rebate?

Hi everyone, 
This is my first post, so please advise if I've put in the wrong section. 
Just wondered if anyone could help. My daughters university has now closed for the rest of the academic year due to obvious reasons and they are trying to switch to online, which is great! However, She has paid her rent for halls, up to Easter, and then it's due again for the last semester just after Easter. 
Does anyone know if she will be able to claim this back, as she has come back home. 
Thank you


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    Initially I’d be checking the terms of her rental as they may have added something in re this type of unexpected event. Have you tried contacting the university/landlord to see what the cráic is?
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    Same boat except my son is in the High Risk category and shares a flat with 2 other students, he is coming home today but his next rent payment is due in April. He isn’t just choosing to come home, he doesn’t really have a choice considering his underlying health issue. 
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    We are in the same position, am holding off on paying the final instalment for now as really reluctant to pay for accommodation she effectively can’t use and where the uni has moved to online learning, cancelled exams etc. The uni says we are obliged to pay but I am going to see how it goes. It’s such a fast moving world with governmental financial support etc, which presumably could be extended to publically funded organisations too which are experiencing loss of income. She’s at a SE uni so it’s £1.5k either in my pocket or theirs.

    Thanks for starting the thread. 
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