Dry red spot forming randomly on chest.

Hello folks I have noticed over the last 3-6 months I get these red dry spots forming on my chest. I do have abit of a dry scalp( which I've had for about 16-17 years) which is fine with decent shampoo and sometimes my skin around the sides of my nose can be abit dry and between my eyebrows.

However over the last maybe 6 months I have noticed a small group of red spots forming on my chest. They are dry and sometimes abit itchy. In general in dont notice them and they come and go. Some weeks nothing other weeks like today. Theres never more than 5 or 6 of them. Any ideas what it could be. Obviously I dont want to bother doctors at this time. Probably should have asked them before but being a Male I avoid doctors unless I'm almost dying. Thanks


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    From what I can see (the pic isn't very clear) I get marks like that if I use something that irritates my skin.  A new perfume did it to me recently.  Sometimes my skin is just dry though, and especially dry bits get red and itchy.  

    Have you tried anything on it?  A basic moisturiser might help.  I'd also stop anything you're spraying on there and check if you've used any new shower gels, detergents etc to see if that could be causing it.
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