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I am in urgent need of some advice please,
I have been having some health issues recently and my OCC Health advised the business i should do some WFH and reduced hours, I have been WFH every Wednesday but not really reduced my hours in order to keep up with demand on the role.
2 weeks ago I had a PDR (performance and development review), where it was agreed there are too many "objectives" set by the business (or my line manager) in 2020 to be completed by me and my team I manage,  and  most likely some will fail because of this ( and the size of my team).

Next thing I know I was called into a formal meeting and advised my role is too much for 1 person and because of this my role is at risk of redundancy , with a view to re-structure and split my role into 2 jobs, albeit " no decisions have been made" and the consultation period starts now ending March 25th.

they have hinted they would like me to take one of the 2 roles.

I have NOT had  a formal letter of any kind , just the meeting notes informing me what was said to me as above.
I have NOT had the salary information as yet for the "new role" but i have had the JD.
I emailed and asked about the Selection process - there wasn't one because it was only 1 role at risk
I emailed and asked about the criteria for selection - there wasn't one because it was only 1 role at risk
I emailed to ask about the redundancy appeal procedure - there isn't one  
I emailed to say I have been discriminated against because of my ROLE
I have emailed to ask for my redundancy calculations, no reply as yet.
I have emailed to ask if voluntary redundancy is available 

i have emailed to ask for "A copy of all documents used to base your redundancy decision but the reply i GOT was 

This proposal is a result of various ongoing strategy discussions at Director level which were either undocumented as is normal practice as these were not formal meetings, or formed part of confidential strategy documents which I am happy to discuss but not at liberty to share at this time.
There was some emailed to and back and giving me the runaround of other stuff too but will not go into that. 

my questions if anyone knows the answers too?
- can they do this?
- is this legal, I feel like I have no choice and "bullied" into this
- why dont they just hire me more staff ( I am an manager) or an assistant manager
- if the new role is less than my current pay (which i imagine it will be), can i refuse it on financial basis
- if the new role is accepted by my , does my occ health reasonable adjustments ( WFH) still stand?
- How can i make an informed decision with not all the information available to me?
- the redundancy I argue is incorrect because its based on performance. 
- the whole process just feels not right , like they are not even following a process and making it up as they go along. 
- if this ends in tribunral will it cost me 

I have spoken to my union rep and he is sooo hard to get hold of and when i do feels that it is going OK. 


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    Of course they can create new roles and make redundant those roles no longer required!

    Sending all those emails is not likely to make you popular with management. In any case if they want you for one of the roles, you have little to worry about except if the proposed salary is much lower.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    As you yourself seem to admit your team is not performing and you have too many objectives. 

    Sounds like your company have made some positive steps to solve the problem and also seem to want you to take one of the two roles available. This in itself seems promising as they could have quite easily used this as a way of getting rid of you. 

    You need to wait to receive what the salaries are and then make an appropriate decision on how to move forward. 
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