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Lenovo Laptop Damaged by Engineer and now Lenovo say I am not covered

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Lenovo Laptop Damaged by Engineer and now Lenovo say I am not covered

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I wanted to check what rights I have regarding a Lenovo laptop I bought second hand with onsite warranty.
Recently I had an issue with the laptop, the service support sent an engineer in February to replace a part on my laptop.

The 1st engineer came and while trying to replace the part on my laptop he damaged my laptop significantly.
He broke the keyboard keys and made holes in it while trying to remove it, and broke the clips around it and the bezel.

I rang up Lenovo and sent them the pictures and they arranged the replacement parts and arranged a different engineer.

The 2nd engineer came unfortunately he only had 3 of the 4 parts, which he fitted. While repairing it he cracked the screen.
My original keyboard I had was a backlit keyboard however the one fitted is not backlit.
Also the new casing fitted has a fingerprint reader, however my laptop did not have this, therefore this does not work.

The engineer said he would tell the office and get the parts in a few days to be fitted.
When I spoke to Lenovo they said they wanted to get the laptop into the service depot.
As I use the laptop daily for work I said I needed my laptop, so they said they would offer a replacement.
Once I provided the receipt they are saying because I bought it second hand the warranty is voided.
However on their website they mention the warranty is with the machine not a person.

Also when I connected my charger to the laptop the was not charging the battery and the charger port and laptop is getting really hot over 50'C. Now the laptop has stopped working, and will not turn on.

Do I have any rights to get my laptop replaced as the engineer came and broke my laptop and now not useable at all, whereas previously it was working?


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