Concerns re coronavirus potential work closure

in Scotland
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Hi Im concerned as I an employed full time as a chef in a nursery group here in Scotland. I need advice from a financial expert re closure of my workplace and wages. If we close for a month will staff be paid or not. If not then do I sign on or go on sick pay. Would it be best to take out income insurance? 
Is the government putting anything in place for its workers caught up in workplace closures due to the virus?
thank you for reading and advice given


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    No expert but this may help ( around sick pay and Government announced they'd speed up access so you can claim on day one.
    Regarding income insurance I doubt any insurer would insure you now given the high risk of time off work so I think that's a non-starter. Worth reading the budget updates as there are more there although I guess Scotland may have their own measures.
    You should look at the sick pay your employer pays, some offer 100% although i appreciate often not if zero hour contracts are concerned. Likewise other companies are saying they'll pick up sick pay where they might not have done previously for those self-isolating so as to contain an outbreak.
    Probably sensible having a look at finances, consider areas to cut back on if you do think you're likely to lose income.
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