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edited 12 March 2020 at 4:48PM in Bankruptcy & living with it
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  • SinglemummSinglemumm Forumite
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    that’s what email said:
    ” Thank you for your email – we will grant a three month payment holiday, therefore
     the next payment will be in July.”

    so I’m right in thinking it cannot be added to the end of my IPA?
    also I have received letter from clarke willmott that states the same, 3 month payment holiday 

  • hansolo2000hansolo2000 Forumite
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    mwarby said:
    I'd imagine there will be some measure put in place if the numbers are high enough (there's only so many staff to process such things)
    Everyone seems to think there will be a fast track bankruptcy process and you won’t have to pay the £600

    but still no official announcement yet, just more cycle to work nonsense 
  • mwarbymwarby Forumite
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    The fast track bankruptcy is arguably the DRO, it's in many ways a cheap bankruptcy for simple cases (no property no IPA)

    I'd guess that the insolvency service would be concerned that free bankruptcy could overwhelm them at the moment, but we'll see.  It does seem a little odd that when you reach financial rock bottom that you have to pay a large fee to a government agency, there is perhaps an argument that insolvency should be funded in a different way generally
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