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Advertised Discount Code not working... rights?

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Advertised Discount Code not working... rights?

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sinc_alsinc_al Forumite
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 Hi, I am looking to purchase some wedding shoes for myself and bridal party, and Rainbow Club has been highly recommended.
I have chosen the shoes I need and have added them to my basket. On their website it shows an advert for 20% off with the discount code IWD20. When I enter this it says invalid. I have emailed customer services and spoken to an assistant, a supervisor and a manager who have all said the code was for International Women’s Day only and has now expired. Well International Women’s Day was last Sunday, it is now Thursday and it is still advertised on their website today! They will not honour me the discount which I think is wrong, especially as it is still on there even after I have flagged it up to them yesterday. The advert does not have any other info, a date, one day only, or terms and conditions apply etc... so who’s to say it has expired?

Am I in the wrong to think they should be honouring me this discount? I feel it’s false advertising?


  • HasbeenHasbeen Forumite
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    sinc_al said:

    Am I in the wrong to think they should be honouring me this discount? I feel it’s false advertising?
    I would say you are wrong. They do not have to honour the code. It has expired. There are many codes on the web which have expired.
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    sarah1972sarah1972 Forumite, Board Guide
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    They have every right to tell you its expired especially if no terms were attached to the code, I just added a pair of shoes to my basket and a 5% code popped up which is RXDF-5
    Its not false advertising, its just an expired code.

    It was advertised as a one day code:

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