Which loyalty cards are worth keeping?

Hi all!
I don't know about you but I have a loyalty card for every single shop who offers one!
About 2 years ago I took all the cards out of my purse and only use cards where there is an app. But still I'm not doing a great job of keeping on top of my points and making sure I spend them in the most efficient way, so I want to streamline them. I'll definitely keep my Tesco Clubcard, as I use it most often but I do shop in other supermarkets too sometimes.
So many of you on this site are so great at this stuff - so in your opinions - which cards are worth keeping and which are a waste of time?
Also - for the ones I should keep - what's the best way to spend the points to get maximum value (without too much effort)?


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    Keep all the physical cards (at home), and then load all the rest into an app on your phone and use as and when (I use the Samsung Pay app on phone, but I have seen other apps). I also as you do keep them in the specific store app as well, as they quite often have additional special offers (e.g. Boots)
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