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New Extreme MoneySavers ITV show

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    SandiP_2SandiP_2 Forumite
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    falcieri said:
    I would love to do this show, but the people in my life would be horrified to see the things I do to save a buck.
    Do it anyway, I would love to be able save a lot more than I do now.. Go for it !!
  • EnvelopeEconomistEnvelopeEconomist Forumite
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    I have been using an extreme envelope economy for a number of years, it has become quite elaborate, but it doesn’t need to be.  I carry a number of purses around with me so that my budgets for various categories of expenditure are kept separate and easy to manage. This way I have been able to trim down my expenditure to the extent that I will be able to pay my mortgage off in half the term...  It’s environmentally sound too, because it stops me from buying stuff I don’t need.  It’s not a chore, it’s fun to make do 😃
  • omendataomendata Forumite
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    falcieri said:
    SandiP_2 said:
    As I recycle everything in my home, I never put rubbish out to be collected in black sacks. So a neighbour a few years ago, thought it would be "cute" to contact the local council (Colchester Borough) to let them know that I do not put any rubbish out. So, we had a council official come to see why I do not put rubbish out for collection. They soon found that I do, in fact recycle all my rubbish and I am also a member of Terracycle and as such I save catfood pouches/biscuit/sweet/toothpaste tubes/crisp packet wrappers and when I have a goodly amount I take them to our local "drop off" site. Also if I have a paper toilet roll tube I squeeze it into another until I can`t get anymore in and I also do that with the kitchen roll tubes as well, then it goes into recycling.

    Blimey. Why is it your neighbour's business how you deal with your rubbish if you're not doing anything illegal?
    Neighbours eh we have the smallest pea brains in our area too - stuck a note through my door asking me to park my car straight ,
    not leave my boots outside my own door as they are offending their guests who come for dinner, one neighbour threatened to stab the window cleaner with a 6 inch kitchen knife because as he was washing the upper floors windows he spilt some water on thyeir windows and the guy aboves wife has cancer and he threatened her too, phoned the police when i was washing the communal stairwell because i was making a noise bashing the wash brush against the railings and more nonsense you would not believe so thank yourself lucky its just the bins - It is usually old folks with not enough to do with their time jealous of younger folks who have a life - just ignore em or take a screwdriver to their new Jaguar lol

    As for saving well i nick the toilet paper from my local gym toilets or grab a load from the Waitrose toilets lol
    My neighbour reads the daily mail so once a week i go check the communal bins for the Daily Mail nectar codes on the back of the newspaper gets me 50 extra nectar points a week.
    Used to womble too but now Asda have stopped their receipt remuneratrion that is that avenue of saving gone!
    Save all those large Hellmans Mayo jars and leave outside to fill with rain water then water my indoor plants - Rainwater is nbetter for your plants than tap water thats why!
    Those jars eventually come in handy for mixing paint , storing petrol for cleaning your brushes!
    Any time you are at a bus stop check the road i have found loads of pound coins that way when folks get on the bus and drop their change and cant find it.
    Cleaning glass - nah forget the vinegar - use an old brillo pad and a bit of fairy liquid especially good on cars windshields for cleaning that nasty grease that never seems to go away and no it doesnt leave visible scratches!
    Metal detector - when i am out Detectorising the local parks chairs and benches are great areas for finding pound coins!
    Yip I am the real MONEY SAVER i have more fiddles and diddles than Ken Dodd!

  • jennylgjennylg Forumite
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    I'm about two months late with this response I know.  I'm still catching up.  But if you want to know about extreme savings, how about the one I discovered some years ago regarding the need for hot water and the use of my gas boiler.  My central heating is run by my gas boiler, so it is essential to have that on during the cold winter months.  But once the warmer weather arrives and the central heating is no longer required, I started asking myself whether I needed the boiler on at all, even for hot water.  My shower is electric, so keeping myself clean each day does not require my boiler.  If I want to wash my face or hands, I'm happy to do that under the cold tap.  I have a dishwasher that runs from cold, and masses of cutlery, crockery and pans.  All I need to do is gradually fill it to capacity (takes about two weeks as I live alone), and then run it (electricity only). The only things I don't put in the dishwasher (glasses), I'm happy to wash under the cold tap. A quick rinse of everything under the cold water tap gets rid of most of the mess before placing it in the washer.  It's the same with my washing machine - runs from cold.  So I gradually fill it to capacity, then run it (electricity only).  It saves masses on gas energy costs and usage, and hopefully reduces my carbon footprint considerably.  The only thing I have given up is lounging in a hot bath, and quite frankly I can manage without that.  It's very time consuming.
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