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I work full time but looking to boost my income!  A friend I work with has been a body shop rep for the past 16 months and she’s doing really well!  She’s trying to get me to join her!  Just wondered if anyone had any experiences advice on this topic? Thank you 😊 


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    Hi all!!
    I'm quite interested in becoming a rep for the body shop but have never done anything like this before. Is it worth it?

    Do you have to have "parties" to make money or can you just circulate catalogs I don't really think I'm the type to want to host parties with people I don't know. Can you make money? What are the expenses? :) 
    Basically is it worth the time?

    Thank you in advance!!! 
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    Now is probably not the time to start anything new.

    I don't know about the Body Shop specifically but I'm a bit sceptical about all of these similar schemes.

    I would ask the following questions:
    Is there a start up cost, i.e. do you need to buy a load of equipment / samples before you can start?
    Do others get commission for signing you up, either a lump sum or a percentage of your sales? If so you can't trust them about how good it all is.
    Do you have to make a certain number of sales / amount to continue?
    Are you a natural salesperson?
    Do you believe in or like the product / service you will sell?

    Generally the only ones I see making money from this kind of thing are the ones higher up who have recruited a lot of people to pay lots in start up costs.
    Everyone else just spends their time pestering their friends to host parties or to buy from them.
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