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Rejecting a car

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reallylost2reallylost2 Forumite
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Hi All,
Just after some advice. Just bought a car on finance from a dealer for 5.5k (paid £500 deposit on credit card).

The advert said it came with new mot, service and 2 keys. We picked up the car on Saturday after giving them a week to get it ready. The first thing I noticed was service light was on. Dealer said it was because they hadnt reset when they did the service (oil, filter and air filter change apparently). A quick google showed me how to reset the light so that was sorted. I am not a mechanic but have serviced plenty of cars over the years so when I got home first thing I did was check all the levels. To cut a long story short the air filter was black and full of bugs so no way it was new, oil was black so unlikely to have been changed. We also noticed there was no second key (we were given a wallet with loads of things in and my wife assumed it was in there (as did I). I also noticed a headlight wasnt working - upon checking the mot it had failed on the same bulb not working but then apparently retested - it looks like the bulb was not replaced and no service carried out.

I have left a message with the dealer to give them an opportunity to sort as it may be a genuine mistake but what are my rights if they dont deal with it? The service and bulb are easily sorted but I was expecting 2 keys and dont want the expense of getting another (also wondering where the other is?). Can I reject the car if I get no satisfaction from the dealer?

Many Thanks


  • edited 2 March at 9:59AM
    neilmclneilmcl Forumite
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    edited 2 March at 9:59AM
    Yes, you can reject it but if that's your intention you should stop using it until you've heard from the dealer.
  • AdrianCAdrianC Forumite
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    A failure to service it as promised is not in itself likely to be grounds to reject.

    You don't mention the oil filter, so I presume that looked clean and new? If it's a diesel, then it's no surprise that new oil goes black almost immediately. So all we can really say is that the air filter wasn't changed (and you've already removed it, so might as well chuck a new one back in, right?)

    The time to check for the second key was on collection.
  • jacsll55jacsll55 Forumite
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    Have a look at Which website for the areas you can use to reject a used car from a dealer. Use the resolver option if the company is in the list of approved dealers. (Google resolver)
  • reallylost2reallylost2 Forumite
    4 posts
    Sixth Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    MoneySaving Newbie
    Thank yo for the advice. After discussing it with the dealer the service must have been missed so they have now done it and stamped the service book. They also found the key so all sorted.
    Many Thanks
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