Bill from previous supplier

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Bill from previous supplier

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dmccaf13dmccaf13 Forumite
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Hi, my old energy supplier has sent us final bill saying we owe money as they had us on wrong tariff the whole time we were with them. Screenshots of meter readings were sent to them every month and we checked our app every month to make sure we were not in debit. Do we legally need to repay? 


  • Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    Welcome to the forum.  However, you need to provide far more information for anyone to help you: which company, which region, which tariff, pence/kWh, standing charge, opening meter reading, closing meter reading, amount paid etc.
  • dmccaf13dmccaf13 Forumite
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    Thank you, the company was Bulb, we live in inverclyde scotland. We dont have access to any of the rates/meter reading etc any more as Bulb have cut access to our online account after we cancelled.
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    Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    Ask for an itemised bill.  If necessary, put in a Subject Access Request, which is free.
    If all else fails, ask for a deadlock letter and go to the Ombudsman upon receipt or after eight weeks.
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    You should always download PDF copies of your bills & statements and SAVE them for several years so you can keep your own records. Lots of people have been caught by revised bills long after they've left a supplier and then find it difficult to reconcile them because the online account has been closed or deleted
    I suggest you do what Gerry1 advises and then make sure you keep ongoing records with your current suppliers - it can save you a lot of grief in the future
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  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    What do you mean by wrong tariff?
    Are you on Economy 7(E7) and Off-peak consumption was charged at daytime rates - and vice versa?
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