Gas consumption when not in use

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Gas consumption when not in use

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MonntyMonnty Forumite
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Just wondering about why my boiler (only gas appliance) consumes 4p every 30 mins on my smart meter. I've been away and the days when the house is empty it still uses around 4p every 30 mins. That adds up to quite a bit over a month and the application expressly states the cost /usage is not inclusive of standing charge or vat.... Anyone with experience? I appear to be wasting £2 a day on gas... 


  • Mister_GMister_G Forumite
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    Does it have a pilot light?
  • Mickey666Mickey666 Forumite
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    Does it have 'frost protection' setting?
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Depends upon age of boiler and type of pilot light . Mine uses a fair amount through pilot light but never measured .
    Plus daily standing charge .
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Try reading the actual meter (that's what a smart meter is) - the IHD which you are looking at gives random info and will only get updated once every 30 minutes from the gas meter.

    Ignore the costs, just check the amount of gas you are actually using on the meter itself, not the IHD.

    There are a lot of posts on this forum which are obviously from people who have just got a smart meter, looked at the random costs that show up on the IHD and then go into panic mode. TBH if you don't really know how to read and understand what info you are getting then you'd be better off chucking it into a drawer.
    Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers
  • ToxicWombleToxicWomble Forumite
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    £2 a day is a hell of a lot if the boiler hasn’t been running.
    Just because you are away tho, doesn’t mean the heating and hot water haven’t been provided (I didn’t see that you said you had switched those off while away)
    I would get it checked out if I were you.

    My Gas useage on a 12 year old boiler in a 4 bed house for heating and hot water over winter is about that
  • tim_ptim_p Forumite
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    I did some tests and found the pilot light on my new gas fire worked out to £95 / year.  That’ll get turned off in a few weeks once the fire isn’t used for the summer. Wouldn’t mind if only the stupid fire was easier to actually light as it would go off every night. 
  • PennineAcutePennineAcute Forumite
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    It may have an economy mode, which is turned off.  If it is turned off, it kicks in to keep the water hot continously.
  • dogshomedogshome Forumite
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    Some boilers have a built in hot water storage tank - The idea being that Hot Water is delivered as soon as a tap is opened, rather than waiting for the boiler to heat water from cold.
    The boiler keeps this tank at a constant temperature, topping it up in small bursts as it cools
  • MonntyMonnty Forumite
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    Thanks for most of the feedback. Looks like it was a combination of the pilot light and preheated water tank within the boiler. Didn't notice that the facility had been enabled... Turned that off and its dropped to a much lower inactive rate now. 
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