Leaving Avro -experiences?

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Leaving Avro -experiences?

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brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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edited 28 February at 11:06AM in Energy
I've just switched away from Avro - gas moved yesterday and electric today. So far absolutely nothing from Avro and the online account still says that they will be taking a DD on 9th March etc. 
Two questions for anyone with practical experience of moving away from Avro :-1.  Is this what happened to you ie no communications other than "sorry you are leaving" email
and 2. Did you have problems with final meter readings ?


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    Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    edited 28 February at 11:14AM
    Everything well well, although it took six weeks to get the final credit but that's legit.  Yorkshire Energy paid my final credit like greased lightning and emailed to say so.  The only company that was a pain was Eco7, a sister company of Outfox The Market and the magic dust non-storage heater company, they dragged it out for 11 weeks.
  • Grey118Grey118 Forumite
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    Switched away from Avro at the start of the summer last year.  All went well apart from refunding my account credit.
    They should send a final bill approx 6 weeks after account termination and refund any credit within 10 days of the final bill. I still had received nothing over 3 months after transferring.  The final bill was only issued when I contacted them.
    Looking on Twitter at the time, there seemed to be a number of instances of Avro appearing to 'forget' to issue the final bill and therefore retaining any credit.  I think the rules have been tightened in this respect but just keep an eye on them.  
  • BendoBendo Forumite
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    No issues here, left them at the start of January, forgot to cancel DD but they stopped taking money when they should and refunded my credit balance within a month.

    If only all providers could do thing like Avro.
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